Urgent Announcement and Press Release


December 1997

Dear Concerned Citizens, Political Leaders & Members of News Media,

It is with great urgency that we wish to inform you that we have received important information about a terrifying international conspiracy to release addiction-causing genetic material capable of eradicating DNA targeted populations. This alarming abuse of genetic engineering by specific governments and multinational corporations has global implications and significance. The attached press release will provide additional information.

This material has stimulated us, a group of environmental and animal rights activists, scientists, and humanitarians, to form People for Ethical Evolutionary Practices, (P.E.E.P.). We are an international grassroots organization, based in Brisbane, committed to preventing the use of a technology which has no purpose other than exploitation and eradication.

In response to what we believe to be an unspeakable threat to the well-being of humanity, P.E.E.P. is organizing a series of rallies and public actions on an international scale to highlight the terrifying implications of this material. These actions have been organized with great urgency, because this information is shocking in its content and implications.

The first public demonstration was held on Wednesday, 10th December at 12 noon at Queen Street Mall (opposite David Jones) In Brisbane Australia. Other demonstrations are planned for Sydney, Melbourne and cities around the world in the very near future.

Details will be mounted on the site as soon as they are available.

The issues of genetic engineering in food have been recently attracting more and more concern. Many people have become rightly alarmed at the possibilities for technologies which have the ability to alter the very nature of life itself. It now appears our fears of destruction resulting from the unscrupulous use of these technologies are becoming realized.

We believe there is an urgent need to raise public awareness about these dangers so that we can garner global support to prevent them. If you are interested or concerned about these issues, you can contact us by E-mail at info@stopbiopeep.com, through our Internet site at STOPBioPEEP.com or by phone or fax at (07) 3216 1224.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Joseph Howard, Director

Press Release 3



Tuesday, January 27, 1998
Noon to 2:00 pm

United Nations, Dag Hammarskjold Park,
47th Street & 1st Avenue, New York City

People for Ethical Evolutionary Practices (P.E.E.P.), a grassroots but global group of human and animal rights activists, is calling upon the nations of the world to stop a terrifying international corporate/military conspiracy, code-named BioPEEP (Biological Protocol for Enhanced Economic Production), which plans to isolate, addict, and eradicate certain racial gene types, specifically Asian, Arab, Jewish and African.

P.E.E.P has received alarming documentation which details the plan which utilizes the human¹s built-in addiction mechanisms for the purposes of corporate profit and biological warfare. Details of this documentation have been mounted on the P.E.E.P. Web site at <http://www.STOPBioPEEP.com>. The plan involves the release of a genetic virus to human populations which causes infected humans to crave certain brand products.

The genetic alteration is permanent and the virus is contagious. Consumers on a global scale will become addicted to specific products and will no longer be able to choose which products they consume.

Documentation shows that the government plans to utilize this research protocol to create genetic weapons capable of massive gene-o-cide. Thousands of caged chickens in Australia have been genetically bred and sacrificed to isolate the genes of addiction. And, people in Hong Kong and other Pacific Rim countries have been dying from unidentified diseases potentially caused by consumption of altered chickens. A global response is necessary to prevent this criminal research!

For more info contact Rose Platt, New York P.E.E.P. Coordinator

(212) 243-8713 or fax (212) 675-5862.

Press Release 2

10th December, 1997

Hundreds of people signed a petition at a demonstration in the Queen Street Mall today to protest the criminal misuse of genetic engineering by multinational corporations and the military industrial complex. Dr. Joseph Howard, renowned international humanitarian, released files recovered from a research project code named BioPEEP (Biological Protocol for Enhanced Economic Production) which detail corporate/military plans to utilize the human's built-in addict ion mechanisms for the purposes of profit and biological warfare. The files reveal that a contagious virus imbedded within a normal consumer product transfers DNA into target genomes causing infected humans to crave certain products. Consumers will no longer be able to choose which products they consume. The military co-opted the research, and now this technology will also be used to isolate and eradicate certain racial genetic groups, specifically Asian, Arab, Jewish and African. Australian animal rights activists are additionally outraged that hundreds of thousands of chickens have been slaughtered on Australian soil to support this genetic research. The protest was organized by People for Ethical Evolutionary Practices (P.E.E.P.), an international group of human and animal rights activists who, with the aid of a $50 000 private donation, have formed to stop BioPEEP.

Press Release 1



Paul Gibson, Media Liaison
192 Brunswick St., Fortitude Valley
QLD 4006, Australia
(07) 3216 1224 (phone & fax)


Brisbane, Australia. This is a world-wide emergency alert. A sinister international plot conceived and carried out by corporate multi-nationals, and controlled and financed by the United States of America's military establishment, with cooperation from th e governments of France, England, Italy, Germany, and Slovenia has been uncovered. What began as illegal and unethical research for corporate profit and greed has developed into a militarily controlled life-threatening project.

By isolating genes responsible for certain cravings, scientists have produced a "virus" that can carry and consequently alter human genetic structure. "Infected" humans then crave certain products. The "virus" appears to work by activating the inbuilt rew ard systems in the human brain that are known to control natural cravings for food. Once a human is infected, the virus "takes over" these systems, producing uncontrollable addiction to specific products. Clandestinely operating for several years with facilities in three countries (that we know of) international scientists have been altering the genetic structure of poultry, specifically battery chickens, to turn them into addicts that crave certain commer cial products. Thousands of caged chickens have been used and sacrificed for this experimentation. Those that survived have become living laboratories for the purpose of creating human product junkies. Documentation shows that plans to release this "consumer product virus" were initially targeted for the Sydney Olympics in the year 2000. The transmitter was to be soft drink colas and bottled waters.

This scientific research has been conducted under the code name BioPEEP which stands for Biological Protocol for Enhanced Economic Production. But before full implementation of the plan was possible, the research and researchers were co-opted by the U.S. military to further the military's interest in human genetic warfare - which is in essence "gene-ocide." We have reason to believe this research is now directed at the creation of a virus which is capable of destroying selected human gene types. Specifica lly targeted are Asians, Arabs, Jews, and Africans. This joint effort between an unnamed corporation and the U.S. military has been operating with international intelligence connections. Much of the barbaric research on chickens has been conducted on Australian soil. Tens of thousands of chickens have been sacrificed for this treachery against humanity. In fact, we have concerns that humans may have unknowingly been consuming these conta minated chickens, the consequences of which are unknown.

An inside contact (who fears for his life and the safety of his family and will therefore remain anonymous) has provided documents that prove these claims. We have posted them on our Web site to provide everyone, including gov ernment representatives and the press with absolute evidence. These files show that BioPEEP is a collaboration of several international scientific organizations including a supercomputer facility in Ljubljana, Slovenia; a genetic research facility in Sant a Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.; a government agency in Los Alamos, New Mexico, U.S.A.; a market research company in Hawaii, U.S.A.; and a poultry research facility in Queensland, Australia.

We have tried to speak with representatives from these companies to express our concern. None have been willing to take our calls. The contacts known to us at this time are: Slovenia: Miso Alkalaj, "J. Stefan" Institute, phone +386 61 1257052 or 386 61 1773900; Santa Fe: Dr. Jason S. Aaron, Genscan U.S., phone 505 988 7263; and Hawaii: Warren Dastrup, Pacific Research Associates, phone 808 821 0530. There is no contact information for the Los Alamos or Queensland facilities.

Stop BioPEEP represents Australian and international humanitarians and animal rights activists who have decided to confront and challenge the multinationals and the U.S. military establishment and fight back. We are outraged that such immoral and unethica l research, which threatens to alter life as we know it, can be conceived and developed and can remain unchecked. Therefore, we have decided to take an aggressive stance and to distribute the facts to the world. Demonstrations to stop this unscrupulous genetic research and engineering are being organized throughout Australia, the U.S. and Western Europe. Protest plans and sites will be posted on our Web page. Interested parties are urged to contact us via e-mail at info@stopbiopeep.com.

We call upon our leaders, animal and human rights activists, and members of the media, to go public to bring this crime against life as we know it to the consciousness of Australians and people around the world. We must expose and stop this unscrupulous, diabolical research before it is too late. And we must appeal to the consciences of the scientists working on this research to come forth to help prevent experimental eugenics on poultry and on people. DNA research technology provides the tools such that any selected group could become a genetic time bomb for addiction and/or eradication. Stop "gene-ocide." Stop BioPEEP.

Prevent Experimental Eugenics on People!