This site is maintained by People for Ethical Evolutionary Practices (P.E.E.P.), a grass-roots international organization committed to exposing and preventing a diabolical and potentially deadly research project currently sponsored by the U.S. military, several of its allies, and at least one, as yet unidentified, multinational corporation. Working under the code name BioPEEP, which stands for Biological Protocol for Enhanced Economic Production, this group of scientists initially focused on creating human "consumer product" junkies through the distribution of a genetic virus hidden in consumable products.

We have reason to believe that recently the research escalated into an international conspiracy for the eradication of entire DNA targeted populations through these addiction-causing agents. This research has no other purpose than racist exploitation and eradication.

We are calling on fellow activists, environmentalists, responsible scientists, as well as the general public to join this campaign. We welcome response from all concerned parties.

This Web site and the Brisbane Australia head office have been financed by a generous donation of $50,000 from an anonymous private sector source. The money was provided on the understanding that it would contribute to exposing and stopping this conspiracy. In accordance, an international media campaign has been launched.